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Whether you’re trying to export your product across the globe or you are a hotel, retail group or exec chef looking for new innovative products to use in the kitchen, Ymakan can help.

Are you looking for?

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We are dedicated to forging lasting partnerships with our brands to help launch and commercialise products across HORECA and Retail channels. We use our passion and talent to help grow our partners to mature brands with robust distribution....

Brand Representation

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So many companies spend so much money on flights, hotels, customer visits, exhibitions, advertising….let us get to the answer fast…does the market like your product or not? Focused, actual customer feedback as to whether you need to make the investment into new territory or not....

Market Research

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Outsourced Sales

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Media and Hospitality 

Whether you have an existing sales team that aren’t producing the results you require, or you don’t have a sales function at all, talk to us....

Partnered with one of the largest publishers in the Middle East producing quality content for over 25 years and comprised of several divisions including BBC Good Food, Pro Chef and Mother Baby and Child....

Our knowledge of sourcing products - food, non-food, or services is second to none. We have worked with suppliers from over 30 countries worldwide and have senior relationships with the very best....

Sourcing Specialists

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